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“Stonewall Jackson Youth Development Center, held only 150 young men. The individuals currently held at the school tend to be much more violent offenders” – William S. Powell, ed., Encyclopedia of North Carolina (2006)

I’m doing research about a historical place located in down town Concord Nc. In my previous blog, I wrote about a few places to visit around North Carolina and to me, this is one. Stonewall Jackson was a detention center to help young boys to become better citizens. However, Stonewall Jackson over looked the law

Stonewall Jackson training school was founded in 1909. The school was named after confederate general Stonewall Jackson. It was the first juvenile detention in North Carolina. This training school was like a jail for younger children, boys. They got treated as if they were sentenced to an actual jail house. Rumors have been that the school is haunted. My research hasn’t stated that this is so. What I did find in my research is that the boys were abused and mistreated. Many cases dealing with rape had been located in the school. Many administrators had been fired because of this.

At the facility, the boys had basic school learning but also worked at the schools farm. Many activities were offered to them.  Crimes from stealing, drugs, holding weapons ect. Young boys were sent to Stonewall jackson for  minor offenses  During the depression parents would often drop their young children off  at the school because they could not  provide for them at home. For release out of the school, you had to be sterilized. So you couldn’t produce.

This training school caught my attention when i first road by it. Like most people think, its haunted and it may be. No one really knows for a fact or has any proof to state it. Stonewall jackson training school is a wonderful place to stop and visit near holloween. The old fashioned buildings make it look scary. So if you are ever in North Carolina, be sure to stop by and see the old school. Its a sight to see. 







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May 17, 2011 @ 11:37 am   

Great Blog! It was really interesting, i never knew about the Jackson Training School for Boys. Maybe i can visit one day just to check it out! Haha, Just kidding! I would be to scared… Do you think that its haunted?

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